Peyote Moon

About the Band

Peyote Moon brings its indie rock sound to its original songs and performances. A little bit pop, little bit country, a little bit rock n' roll...Let the sweet sounds of Peyote Moon brighten your day with their original tunes.

Phil Davis

Phil Davis

Vocals, guitar, songwriter Originally from Long Island, New York, been in Florida for many years.

Lakshmi Ramaseshan

Lakshmi Ramaseshan

Vocals, percussion Originally from Hyderabad, India. American citizen and resident for almost 20 years.

Bill Rubino

Bill Rubino

Vocals, Harmonica, Mandolin & Guitar Originally from Boston Mass., Bill’s harmonica and mandolin have been a great additions to our performances since 2014. He and his family moved to the Orlando area in 2004.

Amy Davenport

Amy Davenport

Vocals Originally from Virgnia, Amy is on loan to us from the 5 other bands she performs with…to occasionally perform and record with us. What makes her unique is the ease which with she comes up with harmony parts for all of us to create a sweet sound.

Colin McWhorter

Colin McWhorter

Lead (& Bass) guitar Originally from Colorado, Colin makes a big contribution to our sound when he takes time out from his busy schedule with his wife, 4 daughters, two big dogs and a cat or two.

The Peyote Moon Story

Peyote Moon is a Central Florida band that performs at local restaurants and cafés and has it’s original music on CDs and other music streaming applications. Known for their vocal harmonies and their growing collection of original songs, Peyote Moon began with the combined inspiration of Phil Davis and Lakshmi Ramaseshan. Both had performed together in a seven member company band (Forbidden 403), but they decided to launch out as a smaller group to perform more often. Phil wanted to compose originals songs and have them be a major part of their identity. And Lakshmi, with her love for singing, was looking for a way to use her talent for performing regularly. But harmonies had to be a key part of Peyote Moon. Rusty Phillips had also performed in the seven-member band they were in together, and Phil and Lakshmi knew that Rusty would be a perfect fit for the vocal sound they wanted. “I didn’t want to just be a cover band. There are plenty of groups that can do that and do it well.  I wanted to create an identity based on our vocal sound and our original songs.  I began writing songs to fit our voices, harmonies, and styles. And before I knew we had over 12 original songs that we were trying out at shows.  And the more feedback we received, the more we felt good about the originals and the more I was inspired to write more.  We have a couple of CDs of originals produced and we are working on more.” ~~~ Phil Davis

The History of Peyote Moon

  • 2009

    Our 1st Venture

    The three of us originally played together in Forbidden 403, a seven-piece band in Feb 2009. We played at our company’s open house (DTS) in Avalon Park. Friends and Family came to support us on our 1st venture and we had such a blast!

  • 2010

    Invitation to Play @ a Conference

    We got our 2nd gig at URISA in September (a GIS conference that was hosted in Orlando that year)…what started as a casual comment at the previous year’s conference ended up as reality! Hosted at Hilton Bonnet Creek in Orlando, FL .. was a charming venue and we had a ton of fun! The seeds of Peyote Moon were sown here…

  • 2011

    Peyote Moon - The First Year

    After playing at the URISA conference in Orlando, we formed Peyote Moon.  Our 1st performance as Peyote Moon was at Eastside Bistro in Avalon Park, March 2011. We continued that year singing & composing originals, and playing a mix of originals and covers at local venues.  Both our bands – Peyote Moon and Forbidden 403 –  were invited to perform at the URISA Conference hosted in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2011! Peyote Moon played at the reception and 403 played at the social event at the NCAA Hall of Fame.

  • 2012/13

    Expanding our reach Locally

    During 2012 and 2013 we continued to expand our reach locally … from local cafe’s and bistros in East Orlando – Eastside Bistro, Mellow Mushroom, Margaritas in Avalon … we expanded to Downtown Orlando/West Side of Town – Smiling Bison, OLV Cafe, The Bar (Ocoee), Maxine’s on Shine and also played @ private parties during holiday time!!

  • 2014

    Released our 1st Originals Album

    Performing has been a great opportunity to “test” our original songs in a live setting.   The positive feedback led us to record our first CD of 13 of those original songs.  We have another batch of originals we’ve been performing for a year and we started recording those for a second CD.  We are thankful for the support of our friends and families and fans at our CD Release Party and also all the support via online distribution channels.  At last count we have sales on 5 continents! And our Journey Continues ! New Band Members…. Bill Rubino came on board and added his mandolin, harmonica and vocal sounds. Rusty left the band when he got married. And Amy Davenport joined us as another female vocalist at some of our shows and in the recording studio.

  • 2015

    New Songs and Recordings

    The band started recording new originals for CD 2 and CD 3.

  • 2016

    Releasing an EP and 2nd Originals CD

    Colin McWhorter joined us in the studio contributing by playing bass and electric lead guitar. Colin also contributed by composing a couple of new Originals with Phil.



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Our band’s name comes from one of our original songs “Peyote Moon”… a fictitious place somewhere in the southwest.  The song was inspired by Phil’s many trips to the Navajo Nation. The focus of our sound is the vocals and harmonies…..  “a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll, a little bit pop” is how we describe it.  It’s generally feel good music, but that doesn’t mean it’s not without soul or depth.  “Peyote Moon” weaves its own web of emotion and feeling.  Don’t let the sweet sound deceive you… there’s a wide emotional pallet here.

We have released an EP and 2 CD’s of original songs. We are working on CD 3 for a 2017 release .You can find us on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, Amazon and plenty of other distribution channels. Just search for our self-titled album named “Peyote Moon”  … Download our music and support our journey. Instrumental in the recording of our CD was Scott Davis, who did the engineering, mixing and mastering at Sailforth Productions…. as well playing bass guitar and drums on some tracks, and Glenn Davis, who played drums on a few tracks.  It’s a Davis family project…..  Scott is Phil’s son, and Glenn is Phil’s brother.





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